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Magnum Heavy Duty Towing Services

We’ve all been there: You shut the door, and no sooner do you hear the latch click that you realize your keys are sitting on the console. Or perhaps you just remembered you left your keys in your hotel room while on vacation, and have no way to get into your car waiting for you at the airport. No matter how you got into the situation, lockouts can be frustrating. Magnum Towing will quickly provide lockout services for a low flat rate, any hour of the day and any day of the week.


Jump Starts

The dreaded “click, click, click” sound of a dead battery – we all know it and we all fear it.  Whether you left your car lights on, your alternator is being finicky, the cold weather drained your entire electrical system, or it is simply time for a new battery, Magnum Towing’s Jump Start services will get you back on the road and where you need to be in no time. 

Snow banks, mud pits, flooded roads – all of these things can leave you stranded.  Magnum Towing can locate you in the toughest locations and get both you and your vehicle to safety, no matter the weather and no matter the day and time. Magnum Towing refuses to leave you high and dry, cold and wet, or sinking in mud.

Stuck Calls

Flat Tires

Best case scenario is you wake up in the morning to head out the door to work, only to find your car sagging to the side and your tire completely flat. Worst case scenario you’re 600 miles into a 1,200 mile road trip when you feel your steering start to veer and the ominous ‘thud, thud, thud’ sound under your car. Magnum Towing will help change out your busted tire for your spare or donut to get you on the road again, or if you have no tire to spare, we will get you to the nearest shop to help get you back on your way.

Repairing some of the biggest rigs on the road, Magnum Towing is certified and experienced in all varieties of tow truck, diesel vehicle, and commercial truck repair.  From the basic upgrades and maintenance, to total overhauls and major repairs, our professional repair team will get you back on the road in no time.

Heavy Duty Tow Truck,
Diesel & Commercial Truck Repair

Fleet Repair & Maintenance

Owning a fleet is not for the timid, and maintaining a fleet is not for the inexperienced.  Our staff has several combined decades of fleet repair and maintenance experience.  Whether you want to get your team on a regular maintenance schedule to cut off any potential costly repairs down the road and maintain a reliable and efficient fleet of commercial vehicles, or if you have a one off repair or upgrade that you need to have done quickly and reliably, Magnum Towing has the knowledge and the experience to keep your trucks on the road and making money.

Magnum Towing has highly certified and recognized custom welders and fabricators ready to create your specific need in a moments notice.  Our team will work with you to create the equipment or upgrades your business needs, and will do so at a reasonable and transparent price, all while maintaining the highest quality and results.

Welding & Custom Fabrication

Professional Car Transport

Need to get a car from here to there?  Magnum Towing provides professional car transportation for vehicles nationwide. Especially high-end and import vehicles. We will safely and efficiently load your car and drive it to the destination of your choice for a reasonable price and with a clear deadline. 

Now, no matter where the road leads, you’ll have total peace of mind knowing that our towing service is just a call away. Contact us here!

Now, no matter where the road leads, you’ll have total peace of mind knowing that our towing service is just a call away. Call us: 248-349-5550!